• Looking to change Mindset for Sport, Business or Education though a series of Workshops?
  • Need a speaker or just want to learn about The Revolution Mindset in a Seminar environment
  • Or a group of people keen to explore The Revolution Mindset before committing to 121 sessions?

Whether you as a group decide to embark on a tailored workshop or seminar we will utilise the core topics at the heart of the programme to drive change and performance.

  • Understanding your Unconscious Mind and how you think!
  • Identify THE Unconscious problem that’s holding you back
  • Identify recurring Behaviour Patterns
  • Resolve Internal Conflict
  • Change Negative Beliefs and States
  • Change Negative Behaviour
  • Positive Mind Training to eliminate negative Self Talk
  • Identify your REAL Values to energise your motivation
  • Focus on winning Strategies for Peak Performance
  • Ultimate Goal Setting to focus on your future performance
  • Tracking and Support Sessions as a group

Find out how Seminars can help with Performance Success