• Do you feel a little stuck in a rut and need to change your thinking?
  • Tired of talking yourself out of progressing or pushing yourself harder?
  • See everyone else motivated towards their goal and wonder how you will ever achieve yours?

In need of regular coaching with a programme tailored specifically to your unhelpful thinking? Then this is the option for you! Through the initial consultation we will work together to identify the coaching you need to eliminate your limiting beliefs and behaviours, to accelerate your performance and change your Mindset.

When you decide to join The Revolution Mindset we will explore and challenge the topics at the heart of the programme: 

  • Understanding your Unconscious Mind and how you think!
  • Identify THE Unconscious problem that’s holding you back
  • Identify recurring Behaviour Patterns
  • Resolve Internal Conflict
  • Change Negative Beliefs and States
  • Change Negative Behaviour
  • Eliminate Fear and Phobias
  • Clean up your thinking with Time Line Therapy™
  • Remove Limiting Decisions holding you back
  • Positive Mind Training to eliminate negative Self Talk
  • Identify your REAL Values to focus your motivation and stop wasting energy
  • Focus on winning Strategies for Peak Performance
  • Ultimate Goal Setting to focus on your future performance
  • Tracking and Support Sessions