• Signed up to a competition, challenge or event and not sure about how your head will cope?
  • You’ve done all the physical preparation but that nagging self-talk just won’t go away?
  • Simply need to change your Mindset and rid yourself of negative behaviours – quickly?

Want to kick off your transformational journey through a either a 2 day intensive or a session based approach to ensure your Mindset is ready for that challenge? Through our consultation call we will tailor the coaching to you, ensuring you achieve exactly what you want to drive your future performance and make that powerful change you have been waiting for!

  • Understanding your Unconscious Mind and how you think!
  • Identify THE Unconscious problem that’s holding you back
  • Identify recurring Behaviour Patterns
  • Resolve Internal Conflict
  • Change Negative Beliefs and States
  • Change Negative Behaviour
  • Eliminate Fear and Phobias
  • Clean up your thinking face to face option with Time Line Therapy™
  • Remove Limiting Decisions holding you back
  • Positive Mind Training to negative eliminate Self Talk
  • Identify your REAL Values to focus your motivation and stop wasting energy
  • Focus on winning Strategies for Peak Performance
  • Ultimate Goal Setting to focus on your future performance

This programme is ideal for Event/Competition preparation or simply to change the way you live!