The Revolution Mindset was born out of my passion for sport – sport is driven by consistent, high performance;

  • What would it feel like to bring the winning Mindset into the workplace?
  • How would your business look if that Mindset was part of your thinking culture?
  • Think of the difference to your communication, if you truly understood what motivates people?
  • What would it look like if your business offered a corporate wellbeing programme that gave employees access to learn new Mindset techniques and the power of iRest®?

Whether you as a business decide to tackle one session at a time or embark on a tailored intensive Revolution Mindset programme, we will utilise the core topics at the heart of the programme to drive change and performance.

What can The Revolution Mindset do for your business? 

  • Develop leader’s performance to drive business through positive Mindset
  • Improve communications by understanding thought preference and the power of language.
  • Empowers managers to be more in tune with their team by understanding how they tick
  • Set great goals that are consistently achieved and embed the “feedback” mind-set

 Ongoing coaching can assist employees across many other areas:

  • Master their emotions under pressure
  • Increase confidence and motivation
  • Master Sales through NLP techniques
  • Increase presence in business meetings
  • Remain self-assured during negotiations
  • Use language with better precision to create compelling arguments
  • Change unwanted behaviour
  • Inspire and manage teams more effectively
  • Facilitate open discussions around mental health

Through the initial consultation we will identify the main areas you wish to focus on for your business. This will be followed up by an onsite scoping meeting, so we can put in place The Revolution Mindset programme tailored specifically to have the greatest impact on your thinking culture.