• Do you find it hard to switch off at night?
  • What if you could facilitate improved sleep and recovery?
  • Want to learn a new way to improve energy levels in a short space of time?

Rest and Restore can be delivered as a 121 Session (Remote or Face to Face), Course, Workshop. Focusing on Sleep and Recovery it teaches you the amazing process of iRest®, for both your Mind and Body.

Those of you curious about your nightly sleep patterns will know that, we need deep sleep for the body to recover, and REM for the mind. I have a stressful job, train 5 days a week and was getting less than an hour of REM and deep sleep. By using iRest® 2-3 times a week I have almost doubled my deep sleep and getting 2-3 hours of REM a night whilst improving my own recovery and wellbeing. Who doesn’t want that?!

What is it?

An evidence-based Mind Body practice founded on ancient teachings of Yogic Sleep. iRest® is an approach to Yoga Nidra by Richard Miller and a form of self-enquiry that research shows effectively reduces:

Insomnia, Stress, Worry, Depression, Anxiety, Chronic Pain and Trauma

What do I have to do?

Simply lie down and rest! Don’t let the mention of Yoga confuse you – no warrior or downward dog here!

What will you learn?

As a Level 1 Teacher, I will guide you through the key steps of iRest® allowing you to learn how to:

  • Release stress and learn to deal with your emotions more effectively
  • Build resilience in your daily life by improving self-belief
  • Align the body to mind through breath and body sensing to improve relaxation
  • Learn to calm your busy Mind to facilitate changes to sleep and recovery patterns
  • Take the practice home with recordings and watch the effects for yourself!