• Find it hard to switch off at night?
  • Need a simple technique to facilitate improved sleep and recovery?
  • Want to learn new ways to improve energy levels in a short space of time?
  • How would it look to build Mindset strength and resilience to reduce stress?

Sleep and Strength can be delivered as a 121 Session (Remote or Face to Face), Workshop or Course.

Focusing on Sleep, Recovery and Resilience it teaches you the amazing process of iRest®, for both your Mind and Body – aiding with improved sleep and strength of emotional resilience.

Sleep problems are on the rise and a recent study by King’s College London said sleep problems were more common – now, more than ever Sleep should be priority. Getting a good night’s sleep promotes resilience and recovery to help us face the challenges of everyday life – it’s my secret weapon for success!

Learn the Science of Sleep, help understand the importance of sleep patterns and teach techniques for promoting both Rest and Sleep. Learn an evidence-based practice founded on ancient teachings of Yogic Sleep and taught by myself, a Level 1 iRest® teacher. The amazing process of iRest®, for both Mind and Body with research shows effectively reduces:

Insomnia, Stress, Worry, Depression, Anxiety, Chronic Pain and Trauma

Understanding how Sleep works is key, the course teaches your Mind how to:

  • Release stress and learn to deal with emotions more effectively
  • Build resilience in daily life by improving self-belief
  • Align the body to mind through breath and body sensing to improve relaxation
  • Learn to calm a busy Mind to facilitate changes to sleep and recovery patterns
  • Take the practice home with recordings and watch the effects unfold!
  • Truly relax and dissolve into deep rest allowing space to switch off and reconnect the Mind


“Last weekend I completed a full day course in iRest with Louise Herzog. An awesome trainer, who is so knowledgeable about sleep and made the day fascinating! We studied sleep, sleep hygiene, routines, sleep cycles, how to work out the optimum amount of sleep for you! Most importantly Louise also shared the science behind sleep and how sleep is the fundamental principle to high performance at work, in sport, in your business and for that matter all areas of our lives!”

“The Sleep & Strength iRest Course last Sunday was excellent! I thoroughly enjoyed it and found it fascinating too. Lou is a brilliant instructor; insightful, knowledgeable, and friendly. I came away with great advice and new techniques that I can use straight away to recharge quickly and easily whenever I need it. Totally recommend Louise’s courses!”

“If you are looking to improve your wellbeing through better quality of sleep, I can highly recommend the Sleep and Resilience Workshop with Louise at Revolution Performance Mindset. A practical, interactive workshop packed with loads of materials to take away, delivered by a true professional who clearly knows her stuff”

“I now have a failproof strategy for getting some deep rest and recovery time for my mind and body. The supporting course material helps you fully understand the process, and the recordings of the sessions are great to use for your own practice”

Having an overly busy mind and finding it hard to switch off has resulted in many years of poor sleep and feeling like I’ve tried everything. This was my last attempt at something, and I am so glad I signed up! Louise has been incredibly supportive, and you get how passionate she is. She takes the time to make sure you get the best out of the sessions which is aided by her recordings for you to try outside of class”