Five Tips for Re-Motivating your Team

We are all adjusting to new work patterns and its important we ensure our teams are motivated – here are my 5 simple tips for success!

1. Reconnect

Some of your team may be returning from a break from work, some may still be working from home so its super important we have those one to one conversation- even more regularly than usual. 

Make your team feel supported, whether you do that through team meetings, teams chats or 121’s, connection is imperative for motivation!

2. Recognise

Recognise how they are feeling, we are all adjusting to the new ways of working and its doesn’t suit us all! 

Team members may just want a friendly chat, working from home can be isolating for some, and knowing they can speak to you will ensure conversations are kept open when motivation might be lagging.

3. Respect

Respect that they may need time to adjust – understand where they are coming from and what they want to achieve will help drive the team and keep motivation high!

Keep an open mind when the situations are challenging and drive respect throughout your team.

4. Review

I cannot stress the importance of constantly reviewing as a team, we all have different views and ideas and improving ways of working is paramount. 

Giving your team the space to contribute will ensure they are fully engaged and motivated to drive for success.

5. Reward

This doesn’t have to be monetary, a simple thank you or praise for doing something well can boost motivation easily. 

We all need a pat on the back from time to time – even those that are doing well – be grateful for the awesome job your team do and celebrate it at every opportunity!