With a corporate background I have worked in both intense, structured sales environments and entrepreneurial companies where I have been involved in getting new businesses up and running. For over 15 years I have delivered to multi-million-pound accounts for global organisations in a fast paced, high pressured and tough sales environments.

Mindset Coaching

I hit a point in my life where I was “performing” at work but definitely not doing the same with life. As a new working mother I faced emotional stress I hadn’t anticipated – I had to find a way to change and quickly! I explored multiple coaching methods for my own development and realised that this was my passion. I knew I wanted to educate others and show them the widest range of tools for FAST, effective change. I trained in numerous techniques, both scientific and alternative approaches – all offering a different view on Mindset. I hit upon a variety of powerful coaching tools including NLP, where-by the processes provides a vehicle to change your thinking dramatically, and in turn profoundly affect your results throughout life. It’s about living in the now; it doesn’t drag up old problems, instead seeks to make unconscious changes to negative behaviours or beliefs that are holding you back.

Creating a Mindset Programme

As part of my Master’s Training I experienced the “Breakthrough”, an intensive two-day session using powerful techniques to deliver change. It was a pivotal moment for me, I hadn’t understood how much repressed negative emotion I had allowed to hold me back, I wasn’t aware of the decisions I made years ago that limited my performance daily. I was inspired to create The Revolution Mindset Programme, combining the power of BOTH conscious and unconscious coaching techniques I had learnt over the years. It teaches you to change thinking, through a unique coaching style, and provides you with the tools to master your own Mindset.


As a CrossFit nut, I have a passion for Weightlifting which has fuelled my business and fascination of using the unconscious mind for dramatic change in performance. I believe in the power of movement for mental health – whether its walking or finding a sport like me – the effects it has on mindset are profound.

Coaching Globally

I am a qualified Master Practioner and Sports Practioner where I now combine my love of sport, and industry experience to coach Individuals and Companies globally on The Revolution Mindset. I have written feature articles for national magazines and conducted seminars to demonstrate the power of the unconscious mind for fast performance change.


BSc Criminology with Psychology
BSc Credit in Sports Psychology
MA (Masters) in HR – “What makes Successful Teams”
CIPD Certified in Learning and Development Practice with Coaching
ILM Level 5 Coaching and Mentoring
Diploma in Counselling Skills
NLP Business Practioner and NLP Sports Practioner
NLP Coach, NLP Hypnosis and NLP Time Line Therapy™ Practioner
NLP Master Practioner
NLP Master Coach, NLP Master Hypnosis and NLP Master Time Line Therapy™ Practioner
Kinetic Shift Practioner (UKHA)

OldPain2Go® Practioner
Level 1 iRest® Teacher

Pellowah Energy Practioner

ASIST Certified

British Weightlifting Level One Coach