The Revolution Mindset was born out of my passion for sport, psychology and powerful coaching techniques that challenge your unconscious thinking. All with one goal; to ignite your Mindset to REALLY start performing in sport, business or just life! Be part of the Revolution by joining the Programme through a 121 Coaching session, Seminar, Course or Workshop.

Sessions can be held Face to Face or remotely via Zoom.

Where are you now?

  • Do you fear failure and avoid stepping out of your comfort zone?
  • Do you sound negative when you analyse your own achievements?
  • Do nerves or anxiety always seem to get in the way of living life?
  • See others improving faster than you and can’t understand why?
  • Signed up for a competition or challenge where you worry about your mental toughness?

Where do you want to be?

  • Want to be totally driven by success to ignite your success?
  • Want to feel super-charged, motivated and ready to tackle anything?
  • Want to know your own mind to drive positive behaviours as unconsciously as breathing?
  • How would it be if you stopped comparing yourself to others and start winning your own race?
  • How would it look if you could achieve more and improve your current goals faster?

How does Mindset Coaching work?

  • Transforms your current thinking and allows you to make powerful Mindset changes.
  • Allows you to overcome limiting beliefs, negative self-talk and unwanted performance states.
  • Uses several powerful coaching techniques to eliminate negative feelings and behaviours.
  • Works at an unconscious level – no need to deal with content or details (the best bit I think!)
  • Focuses motivation and transforms you thinking to maximise your success.
  • Provides clear thinking to win your own race and achieve those personal bests!
  • Helps you achieve goals faster by releasing negative thoughts holding you back.
  • Aligns your values for the future, giving you the ability to achieve those goals!

What it is not!

Therapy or Counselling – these deal with the details and often look back on what has happened in the past. Mindset Coaching is future focused, it stays high level in terms of content and digs deep into unconscious behaviours to identify patterns you want to change long term. 

What it is?

The ULTIMATE way to transform your Mindset and the way you think. The programme teaches you to understand your unconscious thinking, why you behave in certain ways and to understand why you think the way you do. I believe that coaching is so much more than me helping you through your current limitations, it’s about working together to teach you to change how you react, behave and perform in the future. It’s about igniting your thinking, long-term, to give you a stronger Mindset for the future!