Crystal Artist
Weightlifting & CrossFit

I am currently a freelance crystal artist working within bespoke dance costumes’ always been a creative person doing a degree in fashion textiles design. I also do CrossFit, weightlifting and a little dance on the side. I chose Mindset Coaching because I had gone through all the normal avenues of trying to figure out what to do with myself physically and mentally. I know Louise from the Seminar she held at our CrossFit box and from a CrossFit competition she dragged me into soon after we met! The seminar fascinated me, and I learnt so much that I was intrigued and wanted to learn more.

The biggest challenge for me before coaching was I held onto a lot of emotions from the past. The focus for my coaching was for Louise to help me with my mental game for training but found much more important aspects to focus on, which in turn has helped with every part of my life. Things that weighed me down and would come back to get me in times of stress, pressure or sadness. I am by nature a very anxious person who over thinks things and allow my imagination to take over. I also came to a point in my life that I needed to find some direction and clarity.

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The biggest change after my sessions was I felt all those built up emotions from my past disappear and an understanding of how it affected me so much and how to move forward when similar situations come up. The first couple of days after I felt I had lost something within myself, but it was all those of negative emotions leaving me. A new perspective on my life, situations and people around me has helped me see what path I should be taking and what truly is important in my life.

My favourite session was Time Line, Louise guided me through my past emotions using my unconscious mind to help me gather them in my mind, accept them and then realise then. Allowing my unconscious mind to speak my inner truth with no filter was an amazing experience because I was able to be truly honest with myself for the very first time.

To anyone who wants to give Mindset coaching a try I would say yes, yes, yes! It is all lead by yourself, Louise coaches and guides you, it isn’t a counselling session or therapy its all about what you want to get out of it. Be open to trying something new and being guided by Louise. I loved the fact we worked at such a high level that no specific or very detailed information about yourself is used or discussed i.e. past memories. Each person’s experience is different which means this isn’t a cookie cutter approach, this is something very different. Plus, Louise was amazing throughout the entire process. Very professional, understanding and welcoming. She also helped me break through my Clean PB to finally hit 100KG – who wouldn’t want results like that?!