Civil Engineer

I am love CrossFit, training and living a healthy lifestyle. I chose mindset coaching to try and work on myself both inside and outside of the box.

My biggest challenge before I started coaching was holding myself back as I cared too much about other people’s thoughts and opinions. I didn’t put myself first and I didn’t believe in myself.

The biggest change I’ve made following coaching is making my own decisions and choosing to do what I want to do. I’m much less of an over thinker!!! I also managed to PB my Clean in the CrossFit Open this year – getting to 70KG, this wasn’t only an achievement in weight but also managing to do it in an environment with plenty of people watching me – something I would never have done before Coaching!

My favourite session was Timeline, where I thought of my earliest memories of being sad, guilty, etc and broke the link of those memories which affected how I deal with those emotions now. It took a few days, but I started to feel a lot clearer about my emotions and how to deal with them.

I would tell anyone who’s considering coaching to keep an open mind, I’ve had coaching before and this is on a different level – it gets results – quicker! Louise guides you through the sessions and through her coaching style you usually find the answers just come from your unconscious, without even having to think, so just go with it – it’s an experience of self-realisation and absolutely fascinating. Unlike counselling or therapy, coaching is learning how to be the best version of you…rather than coping with different events or issues which have affected you. Coaching teaches you a lot about yourself, and overall how to just be content with life and step up your performance game.