Deputy Head of House – Backwell Secondary School

After attending a Mindset session delivered by Louise at our gym, it got me thinking about how we could and should implement this in schools (I’m a secondary school teacher and Deputy Head of House). In our House, we launched ‘Mindful March’ after meeting with Lu and discussing a schedule/resources etc. We came up with a programme of weekly sessions delivered by teachers on positive mindset and mindfulness. One of the weeks, Louise came into school and delivered a fantastic assembly to students from Year 8 to 11. It was thoroughly engaging and practical (which the students loved!) and taught them strategies they can use when faced with stressful situations.
Mental health is such a huge talking point in schools/work places so this was relevant to ALL students (as well as the teachers). Student comments after the assembly included:
‘It was so nice to have an assembly we could take part in, rather than be spoken to’
‘I really enjoyed learning the anchoring technique and have used it in lessons’
‘Louise was a great speaker, really confident and gave us strategies we can actually take away and use – thank you!’
‘I think everyone should know this stuff’
Teaching staff have also told me how they’ve used anchoring during staff meetings, also finding it extremely useful for their own wellbeing, and would love more coaching.
Personally, I use the strategies Lu has given me regularly whether it’s during a challenging workout or a tricky meeting/lesson at work or personal stressful situations. Throughout the whole of ‘Mindful March’, Louise was extremely enthusiastic and helpful, giving me ideas of how to run each session and provide resources/extra reading for both students and staff.
Thank you SO much! I hope we can continue to work together and educate the younger generation so they’re prepared for life’s obstacles