Head of Policy & Strategic Planning
Weightlifting & CrossFit

I’ve always been interested in mindfulness and I was intrigued about how Mindset Coaching could help me, not just in a training environment but my life in general.

Before I started coaching I didn’t have much self-belief with my training and I didn’t think I was capable of pushing myself or doing the more difficult (RX to Cross-fitters) workouts. I hated being in the ‘dark place’ and would give up quickly and easily.

In my life in general I wasn’t very self-aware. I had let things that had happened in the past effect how I responded to situations and effect the decisions I was making. I was doing all of this without even being aware of it.

My biggest change was being able to block out what was happening around me during workouts, focus on myself and push through when it got tough. Before coaching I would regularly go to the back of the room so not that many people could see me, I’d compare myself to others and then slow down when it got tough. Now I’m more confident, I don’t worry what other people are doing and I have a different mind-set now during workouts.

One of my best sessions was Timeline and we looked at how what has happened in my life impacts how I am today. It was an eye opener for me and helped me to become more self-aware. The second session I loved was overcoming my fear of spiders – this was a strange experience, but it really worked! In the session with Louise I had to describe how I reacted when I saw a spider (totally irrationally). Louise then repeated it in a comical (but sensitive) way and I saw for myself how ridiculous it was. After the session I picked a spider up straight away, which considering before I wouldn’t touch a dead spider, it was a big step forward and with Louise’s experience got rid of my irrational fear!

I’m currently working with Louise on the Revolution Mindset Programme. It covers a vast number of topics from looking at my overall problem that’s holding me back, what my values and goals are, and how to frame what I do in life around those goals. Louise guides you through each area and allows you to make the changes you need quickly and with the greatest impact.

Mindset coaching is hard to describe, and for people who don’t understand it they think of it as therapy. Coaching is helping you to identify what’s holding you back (you might think there isn’t anything but there will be), how to overcome it, set a goal and achieve it.

Louise has helped me in all aspects of my life, not just training. I feel like I’m more balanced, self-aware and focused on what I want in life. I only do what makes me happy rather than worrying about what other people think. In training there is no longer a dark place, I know how to quickly reset my focus to give my best performance. The changes I made with Louise allowed me to enter my first big RX CrossFit Competition – Wild West – it was tough, but I got through it with a clear focused mind (and Louise was there to support me!)