Police Officer
CrossFit obsessed!

No matter how busy work has been prior to training or how bad the night’s sleep previous has been I’m going to make sure I turn up. 5am alarms along with 2-hour sessions being laid out on the floor in a pool of sweat not sure I can stand and walk out of the gym! That’s what it’s all about! Knowing you have worked your ass off and left everything in that gym, it leaves you feeling amazing. I think most people will agree CrossFit has a huge impact on heath & wellbeing.

Being said training like this every day as a hobby can ruin you physically, mentally and emotionally and with the added pressure of competitions it can be tough. A poor training session can lead into you asking yourself why on Earth are you doing this?! & if someone beats your score when you thought you pushed sooooo hard it can leave you asking yourself ‘what is life?’ (sure, we’ve all been there!).

Being introduced to Louise and her Mindset coaching programme for me was to help ignore what was going on around me and to shut off during a workout. When someone beats you at a WOD knowing that is ok it does not mean you didn’t give it you’re all! Mindset coaching also has helped me learn I am being the best version of myself and appreciating not every day is going to be amazing but knowing I had to give it 100%.

Before Mindset coaching I used to work myself up prior to a WOD. It got that bad I couldn’t control my breathing to the point I felt like I was hyperventilating. After explaining this to my Mindset coach and writing things down and discussing we discovered a pattern. Usually this panic would start when certain movements came up such as thrusters & wall balls.

During a session with my coach we used these movements and related them to something that made me feel happy & that I enjoyed. I practiced this during training and focusing on a still object whilst doing so. This helped me achieve blocking out what was going on around me. I felt as if I was the only person in the gym, I wasn’t aware what was going on around me who was in front of me or who was behind me. I noticed my breathing started to relax and I was doing what I could do and going at MY pace. This was a huge achievement for me as I was always so aware of what was going on around me and not focusing on me during a workout. After discussing ways to do this & practicing this time and time again with my coach I now do this without thinking.

Every coaching session we set goals based on what I was trying to achieve physically but also how I would handle them mentally. We set a goal in September for me to get a Muscle Up by the 01st of September (1 day late – oops), I messaged Louise I had finally got there! My mind was so focused and my thinking so clean I didn’t have any doubts anymore about my ability to get up on that bar.

To anyone considering Mindset coaching give it a try! We train our body to push through those final reps this is about training your brain to do what you want and not give up when it gets tough!